A1R Radio: Can Anyone Host A Show?

Posted: March 31, 2013 in On The Air

by Constance Henley, A1R Executive Producer

First, we have actually said the title of this post and literally laughed out loud (llol?). If the question is really, “can anyone host a show?”, the answer is certainly “no.”

A1R Psychic Radio is an entrusted service of Positive Peak with a very blatant focus.

Be fair, be good and always be helpful to our audience. Never intentionally do harm.

Those who call in for free readings are seeking relief and guidance. Those who listen to our radio broadcasts want truthful, honest care and genuine respect. As such, we do not endorse any idea presented by any presenter. We do, however, respect the right for them to present it for consideration on our radio station. of course, that means we are solely for entertainment purposes only. The opinions of the speakers are their’s alone.

However, we do set minimal standards.

Responsibility to the good will & well-being of our callers and audience is paramount to our vision. As a 100% good will service, A1R only need measure success by the many, many people we help every week. People seeking guidance, a friend who will listen and, perhaps, a positive psychic insight. People who constantly walk away feeling better.


Our radio hosts are researched, tested and thoroughly vetted by our staff. It is only after they have been selected as candidates that we discuss the fundamentals. We never have an incentive to pursue any host who isn’t already qualified, special and filled with good-will and good intentions. A1R Psychic Radio is the gold standard for psychic radio; at the top of iTunes, Roku-TV, TuneIn, Nokia and more. It is a heritage psychic radio station that continues to be successful due to it’s devotion to it’s audience.

Not everyone is asked to join our broadcast team. No amount of money could buy a ticket. Only true light-working good people with solid gifts are accepted. We have no other directive.

Making you happy with your Positive Peak Radio & TV experience. We are very serious about that. At A1R Psychic radio, it has always started with our hosts.

Interested in joining us? It’s easy to get started. Just drop me an email at positivepeak@yahoo.com


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