More Power!

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Behind The Scenes

Outside A1R Ashburn
Positive Peak Radio & TV Ashburn, VA Hub
Upgrade Time!
Like crazed scientists bent on wiring the world with top notch audio gear, we moved our final data folder to the new server. This was very significant as it meant we could finally do the load balancing bandwidth transfer to our new giant server rack in Ashburn, Virginia.

We had just moved huge parts of six radio stations half-way across the country.

Ashburn PDUCooling Ashburn

To be fair, Positive Peak’s broadcast systems were already top notch.

Today was that little something extra. It made our radio stations sound just a little bit better. Just a little.

That, to us, made it worth doing.

Elephants!It also added so much network bandwidth, we can serve 10 million elephants with virtual reality. Lots of bandwidth!

Scientific military grade hardware. Proprietary software solutions created just for us by code geniuses. All to make the music sound better.

Serious about serious audio. No doubt.


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